Must Have Travel Gear

With summer quickly approaching, you and your family are probably planning a family vacation so that you can get away and relax while spending quality time together. While the vacation itself can be bliss for everyone, getting there can bring on a lot of stress for everyone. No matter what form of transportation you are taking or how long it will take you to get to your destination, there are several things that we always make sure to pack for the trip.

Check out our travel must haves to pack for your upcoming family vacation:

1. Wipes

No matter what the age of your child, it’s easy to make a mess in a car, on a plane, and even on a train. Make sure you bring a lot of wipes to clean up any mess that occurs. They will help soak up anything spilled on them or anything else. We really love WaterWipes because they clean the mess without containing any harmful chemicals.

2. Arts and Crafts

You want to keep your little ones entertained on a long trip. We love brining crayons or washable markers and coloring books no matter where we are traveling. Crayola has a lot of wonderful products including the Color Wonder series which has markers that only color on the specific Color Wonder paper! We also love bringing a book of stickers on our trips as they always provide so much entertainment. Stick them on paper, on your clothes, or on the car seat, every child will have fun playing with stickers.

3. Wrapped toys

There is nothing like getting a new toy to play with while on a long trip. Whether you shop the dollar bins at the store or toys that they haven’t played with in a while, we suggest wrapping them like a present so that your child has fun not only playing with them but opening them as well. Bring a bag full of wrapped toys and give them one every hour of the trip so that they will never get bored!

4. Hand sanitizer

Whether it’s in the airport or on the train, you will encounter areas with a lot of germs along the way. Make sure you pack plenty of hand sanitizer to keep everyone in the family safe from germs. We love Babyganics Alcohol-free Hand Sanitizer Wipes.

5. Sealable bags

From snacks to trash, sealable bags are a must have for your trip. They make for food to be easily opened and closed and allow for all of the trash that you accumulate along the way to be easily sealed into one place without fear of spilling everywhere.

6. Tablet

Although you don’t want them to use it the entire time, a tablet that has games and movies pre-loaded can be a huge help when everyone is restless from the long trip. We make sure to fill our iPad up with some of our favorite apps and movies before we leave the house so that it can provide hours of entertainment if we really need it.

7. Snacks

Don’t waste time stopping to get something to eat along your way. Pack a variety of snacks to keep them from complaining about being hungry during the trip. From sweet to salty, we pack plenty of snacks in our Bumkins bags to keep everyone’s bellies full.

8. Extra Set of Clothes

Kids can get messy, especially in the car. Always make sure to have an extra set of clothes readily accessible in case of spills or an unexpected mess.

What are your travel must haves?

Image via Flickr User Highways Agency