Review: Stokke Flexi Bath

The Stokke Flexi Bath is the perfect tub for our soon-to-be one year old daughter!  Norah was past using the reclining-style tubs and really needed one where she could just sit and play—and the Stokke Flexi Bath was a great solution. The simple, sleek, and lightweight design folds up so that you can hang it up for easy storage and drying (and save so much space!) It makes the after-bath process a breeze and makes clean-up a snap!  

The Stokke Flexi Bath gives Norah plenty of room to move around and happily play with her toys. The taller sides help contain Norah so that I can relax a little during bath time. As an added bonus, the taller sides keep Norah away from her big brother’s toys in the rest of the tub during joint bathtime.