Summer Must-Haves – Part 2

Whether you’re choosing to spend it at the beach or just in your backyard, we have compiled a handy guide featuring swim safety gear, hostess gifts, ideas for making sitting in the car less stressful, and everything you need to have a fun and relaxing summer!

Here are some of our favorites from One Step Ahead:Floatation Swim Trainer, Floaties Arm Floats, Baby Spring Float Activity Center, Kid’s Stay Put Water Shoes

Hostess Gifts That They Will Really Want

Planning on attending a party at a friend’s house this weekend? Don’t forget a gift! Check out for lucite gifts or anything monogrammed. You can even go to your local party good store and fill up a basket with colorful printed paper goods that they could use for summer bbq’s! Real Simple and Martha Stewart have some great ideas on what to put in the basket!

Car Safety

With temperatures rising, it’s important to keep the car cooler for everyone. Get a sunshade for the side window to keep your child cool as well as a reflective sunshade for the front AND rear windshields so that while you are parked the car doesn’t get as hot.

Here are some from and (which offer next day and two day delivery:) Britax EZ-Cling Sunshade, Altus Platinum Magic Shade Standard Sunshade (Two Piece), Altus Platinum Jumbo Sunshade (Acordian Style)


With the sun out more, it’s important to keep your kids safe from harmful UVA and UVB rays! Remember to apply sunscreen when you know you are going to be outside for a long time. Make it safe and easy so that kids wont squirm.

Try supergoop, Neutrogena Sunblock Spray, Neutrogena pure&free skin liquid, honest sunscreen, California Baby Sunscreen.

Car Games

If you are traveling this weekend, make sure you are prepared to keep the little ones busy in the car! Check out Melissa & Doug for a great selection on travel games. You can also check out our top smartphone apps to keep them having busy and having fun. Try out the classic car games such as i-spy and the license plate game!

Kid Friendly Patriotic Recipes Whether you are outside on the grill or inside cooking away in the kitchen, there are so many great patriotic recipes to enjoy. Some of our favorites are the red, white, and blue strawberries, the flag on a piece of toast for breakfast, red, white, and blue 7 layer ice cream cake, and even a great burger.