Top Diaper Bag Essentials

Babies need all kinds of love and attention. They also need all kinds of practical supplies. When you’re venturing out into the world with your bundle of joy, it can be tempting to try to pack everything you might possibly need into your diaper bag. From burp cloths to bouncy seats, what can stay and what can go when you’re on-the-go? The good news is: It doesn’t have to be so complicated or stressful. The better news is: We’ve got a simple checklist with just the essentials that will take you far.

Extra diapers: There’s a reason they call it a “diaper bag,” right? Of course they’re made to hold diapers. The trick is knowing that you don’t have to stuff them with an entire case every time you leave the house. Two to three should be plenty of backup for leaks or explosions if you’ll be out for a few hours. If you’re going farther afield, up to five might make you feel better.

Wipes: These are needed for diaper changes, of course, but they also come in handy for plenty of other things, like wiping down sticky hands, faces or anything else.

Burp cloth: Have a clean one of these at the ready for mopping up spit-ups and slobber and/or protecting your clothes from said spit-ups and slobber.

Change of clothes: Because babies can get into some messy stuff and having a quick wardrobe change on hand will make you all feel so much better.

Extra pacifier: Sometimes those things can pop out in the darndest places. They don’t take up much room and you’ll be glad it’s around when baby goes looking for one (depending on baby’s age, of course).

Toy/distraction: Something portable and easy to reach and grasp could buy you a few more moments of precious silence right when you need it.

Snack/drink: These will depend on your little one’s age, of course, but you’ll want to be sure to pack something that will keep him/her full and quenched when you’re out and about. Whether it’s breast milk, formula or water, or cereal, fruit or crackers, you don’t need to pack a buffet of selections, but you do want to be sure your little one won’t hit a hunger panic.

Plastic bags: A handy little roll of disposable/biodegradable bags will help you neatly dispose of, or at least contain, soiled diapers, clothes or whatever.

Dr. Smith’s® Diaper Ointment: Of course, it’s nice to have a portable 2-ounce tube of our premium cream to help prevent and treat diaper rash when you’re on-the-go.