A Chat with Supermom Lindsay Bell, Founder & President of Bell Family Company

Photo by Classic Kids Photography As the oldest of five girls, babysitting was a natural role for Lindsay Bell. After years of juggling childcare gigs with NYC families, Lindsay founded and grew the babysitting company that would become Bell Family Company. We spoke with Lindsay about the inspiration behind her business, finding good childcare and

The magic tricks of summer camp

Follow me down memory lane… back to when you were little and saw your first magic trick. You didn’t really understand it, you couldn’t fully explain it, but you know that it amazed you and exceeded all your expectations of what you thought was going to happen. This is how I try to explain sleepaway

We’re a camp family

In 1945, my 5 year-old mother traveled 4 hours by bus from New York City to the Berkshires to attend sleep away camp. She was there to spend 8 weeks learning how to play sports, swim, canoe, and get along with other 5 year old girls. She cried for the first few days until the

A Chat With Supermom Kimberly Berry Haisch, Founder of KBH Jewels

  Kimberly Berry Haisch recently launched KBH Jewels, a line of luxury, sustainably made jewelry featuring greenhouse-grown diamonds. We spoke with her about small steps parents can take to make their lives more environmentally friendly, a unique family tradition and her epic solo travel adventure with her three young kids. Kimberly is generously offering 15%

A Chat with Superdad Samer Hamadeh, Founder & CEO of Zeel

  In 2002, seasoned entrepreneur Samer Hamadeh and his wife, Alison Harmelin, launched Zeel, an app that allows customers to schedule same-day in-home massage. Today, Zeel thrives as the world’s biggest mobile massage company. Besides parenting three children, Samer also volunteers as a board member for PeaceWorks Foundation, and serves as an angel investor and

A Chat with Supermom Aijia Grammer, Writer, Musician & Social Justice Advocate

  Last summer, Aijia Grammer added motherhood to her already impressive tally of roles as a writer, songwriter, musician and social justice advocate. We chatted with Aijia about her recent appearance in Philips Avent and SoulPancake’s #Mamalogues video – a powerful video that hinges on celebrating the inimitable bond between mom and baby and their

A Chat with Supermom Jamie Chandlee, CEO of Rank & Style

  As a busy mom and CEO of Rank & Style— a website that helps consumers discover top fashion, beauty and lifestyle trends— Jamie Chandlee offers some solid advice for moms who want to stay on trend but don’t have time to spare. We also talked with her about busting through fear and the perspective

A Chat with Supermom, Sam Rudolph, Co-Founder & CEO of Babyation

Breast pumps—depending on our situation, they can seem like a miracle or an annoyance. But there’s little debating that breast pumps could use some major updating. Sam Rudolph and her engineer husband did just that when they created The Pump by Babyation — a hands-free, quiet and discreet pump. We spoke with Sam about her

A Chat with Superdad, Zak Wood, Founder of PopYum

  Bottle-feeding on-the-go can be a hassle, especially with formula-fed babies. That’s why Zak Wood and his wife Kim created the PopYum bottle, which stores the formula and water separately within the bottle until it’s feeding time. We spoke with Zak about the inspiration behind the PopYum bottle, the ups and downs of launching a

A Chat with Supermom, Taryn Kutches, Co-Founder of Parker Design

Taryn Kutches was at a work meeting when she noticed most of the men were carrying backpacks, while the women at the meeting lugged ungainly totes or simply carried their laptops. That’s when the idea of the Rosa Pak was born—a functional, stylish and affordable bag that transitions seamlessly between work and home. We talked

A Chat with Supermom, Carrie Felton, CEO of Stuck On You

We’ve all been there—we’re rushing out the door when we realize we need to label our kids belongings for daycare, school or camp. We scramble for a permanent marker, scrawl out our kid’s name and hope it’s actually legible. Carrie Felton’s solution for labeling our kids’ belongings is much more elegant—and fun. We spoke with

BabyBjörn Bouncer Bliss

BabyBjörn, the Swedish family-owned company, is launching a new version of the beloved classic bouncer design from 1961 with a new look and style, the Bouncer Bliss.