Chad Joshpe

As a team leader, Chad Joshpe is responsible for attracting high quality, talented individuals to our organization, whom he supports through ongoing training and mentorship. Despite having chosen to pursue a management track, Chad also actively serves in a second role, that of financial advisor. “I know how to develop and coach advisors because I’m in the field with them every day, challenged by the same issues, and subject to the same changes in the regulatory and product landscape,” he adds. He sees his dual role as a strategic advantage when speaking with other financial advisors. What attracted Chad to the field of financial planning is the process of developing a roadmap to reach a goal. “I’m the kind of person who really likes to be in front of a problem, I don’t shy back from challenges and I help my clients (and team members) take the same approach,” he discloses. He includes his ability to focus, manage multiple priorities, and to stay calm under pressure as assets he brings to every client situation. A personal story about growing up in a very small town sheds some light onto his capacity to be concurrently involved in multiple initiatives. “There were 40 kids in my graduating class – so if we wanted to have any teams or activities, every kid had to participate.” It was great preparation to engage fully in life, which Chad most certainly does. Chad’s interests include golf, and “just about any other sport.” He is actively involved in several charitable and community organizations, including the New Town Scholarship Association, the Rockridge Country Club, and Business Network International (BNI). He also coaches his children’s athletic teams, finding time to attend their various events. He and his wife, Gabrielle, are passionate about their family. They have three young children. Chad graduated magna cum laude with degrees in business and finance from Marist College.