Daniel Zakowski

Daniel Zakowski co-founded Ready, Set, Food! with his brother-in-law Dr. Andrew Leitner, after Dr. Leitner’s son developed multiple food allergies around 7 months of age. We saw that the medical evidence was clear, and multiple studies showed that 70-80% of childhood food allergies could be prevented, but that the process was difficult and confusing for parents. Working with some of the top allergists in the US, we developed a product to make it easy for all parents to follow the best practices for preventing childhood food allergies, so other babies can avoid the life-changing food allergies that Dr. Leitner’s son has. That is the real reason we founded Ready, Set, Food! Daniel has 3 children, aged 4 years, 2 years, and 10 weeks old. Daniel has an extensive background in entrepreneurship and corporate strategy and has helped to build business in industries as diverse as dentistry and flower delivery. That being said, his real passion is for helping others live healthier and happier lives, and the knowledge that 300k of the 400k cases of children who get a food allergy every year are preventable drove him to want to help drastically reduce the rates of childhood food allergies.