Dr. Amy Kim

The loving brainchild of dermatologist mom Dr. Amy Kim, the Baby Pibu™ organization produces the ideal combination of gentle, effective products made from high-quality, clinically-tested ingredients. Every product is paired with education, so that parents can focus less on figuring skincare out, and more on their tiny bundles of joy. Dr. Amy is a board certified dermatologist with numerous years of dermatology experience in her Atlanta-based practice. Her two children each experienced different skin issues as infants, and although she is a knowledgeable and experienced dermatologist, she found herself overwhelmed by the skin product choices on the market. She was also frustrated by the lack of information and education readily available to parents, a sentiment that many new parents experience. One of Dr. Amy’s aha moment came when she was packaging baby shower gifts for her friends. Dr. Amy’s baby shower gift included necessary skincare products needed to stock her friend’s medicine cabinet. After providing a few of those gifts to friends, Dr. Amy had an aha moment of “I need to develop a baby skincare gift set that includes all of the necessary skincare products parents need paired along with instruction cards. These cards will serve as Cliff notes which provide tips and instructions on what a parent needs to do for basic skincare as well as spotting and soothing common baby skin conditions.” At that moment, the Baby Pibu skin care line was born! Through trial, error and her expert know-how, Dr. Amy identified the best ingredients to suit the individual needs of her children…and now she’s passing them on to yours along with the practical education and instruction! Baby Pibu™ is now happily soothing the skin of babies everywhere.