Lisa Cook

Lisa Cook is a master teacher and mentor in water safety and swim training for children. For the last 30 years, she’s focused her energy on advancing the most effective water safety and skill development environment for kids. Her research and work lead to the creation of the KidSwim Program, a pioneering water safety and skill training program that meets children where they are during the three main stages of early childhood. Realizing her dream to bring a safe, fun, and matriculated process to the general public, she established KidSwim in Los Angeles, CA, in 2001. During the early stages of her career, Lisa worked at organizations at the forefront of state-of-the-art aquatics and program development training, such as the YMCA, and exclusive resort hotels such as the Peninsula Beverly Hills, and Loews Santa Monica. Rigorous safety standards and exceptional customer service were essential components of these highly successful programs. Her love of education and history lead to a secondary teaching credential and Bachelor of History from LMU. She married Mr. Cook in 1998, and moved to Japan for two years, where she continued her work in developmental swim in Nagoya region. Upon her return to the United States, Lisa wrote a humorous memoir about her experience in Japan, which was later published by Simon and Schuster. Through her passion to give children the best start in life, Lisa became an active mentor and philanthropist in her community. She has a particular soft spot for mentoring young women in entrepreneurship. She also supports organizations caring for at-risk youth and teenagers in group homes, with mentorship and free swim and water safety lessons. Lisa lives with her family in Los Angeles, California and profusely thanks Trader Joe’s for saving her family from starvation.