Sharone Mendes Nassi

Prenatal / Postnatal Doula, Yoga teacher, and mom/baby group facilitator Sharone draws from her personal and communal experiences of starting a family in San Francisco, where she organized the first neighborhood Mommy group 10 years ago. As a Volunteer Doula at SF general hospital Sharone identified the importance of early education, support and community for moms to experience a healthier postpartum period and a smoother transition into parenting. Sharone combined the education piece with the community experience and Carmel Blue baby education center was born.

Prior to diving into mommy hood, Sharone worked as a member of the Design and Product development teams at Levi Strauss & Co and at Pottery Barn. The 15 years spent working with product design and development, have earned her extensive knowledge and appreciation of product quality, design and function and a deep awareness of the customer needs which she enjoys sharing with her customers at the Carmel Blue shop.