Tobi Porter

Tobi Porter is a mom, firefighter, paramedic and inventor of the Milkies Milk Trays to make pumping and storing breast milk more convenient for families. After returning to work 24-hour shifts at the fire station, she struggled to save enough breast milk. Soon, pumping and storing her milk was the only way to ensure her daughter received the breast milk she needed. Tobi began freezing her breast milk in one-ounce portions in ice cube trays to reduce waste, but she found that the milk cubes wouldn’t fit through most bottles. Tobi was inspired to create a special tray just for breast milk – the unique trays freeze milk into single ounce sticks that can fit into any bottle opening. Through her work, Tobi is an advocate for nursing moms having appeared in major national media outlets. She resides in Tampa with her husband and children.

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