Ferrero Rocher Valentine’s Day Chocolates

Few things beat chocolate as a Valentine’s Day gift. Ferrero Rocher offers four different Valentine’s Day themed gifts for you to celebrate the day of love—either as a gift, or to devour yourself while locked in the bathroom attempting to escape your feisty toddler:

Chocolates Heart: Eight individually wrapped hazelnut chocolates presented in a heart-shaped container.

Ferrero Collection Assorted Chocolates: A collection of premium chocolates—choose from traditional or assorted chocolates.

Ferrero Fine Assorted Chocolates: A larger assortment of premium chocolates.

Grand Ferrero Rocher: Beautifully packaged with a Valentine’s Day bow, this is truly a treat within a treat: the recipient will open the wrapping to find a large, hollow orb of hazelnut milk chocolate—and inside are two more individually wrapped chocolates.


Ferrero Rocher Valentine's Day Chocolates

To learn more about Ferrero Rocher’s Valentine’s Day chocolates, visit Target or Amazon.