We know how easy it is to be obsessed with your phone. Between texts, emails, making sure to take photos of the kids, it’s glued to us at all time. But wouldn’t it feel great if you weren’t so reliant on your phone? Wouldn’t it be great if you could still stay connected without having your phone right there by your side? That’s why we love Ringly.

Ringly is a brand of bracelets and rings connect to your phone via Bluetooth and let you receive customized mobile alerts through vibration and a subtle color-coded light. Simply download the Ringly app, connect your smartphone and choose which updates from your phone you want to receive and how.

And not only does Ringly give you notifications, but it also tracks your steps, distance and calories burned. Through the app, you can set activity targets and receive alerts when you reach your goals.


Ringly is a smart and chic way to stay connected.