Summer by Cao Wenxuan & New York Day and Night by Aurelie Pollet


Looking for a new read for story time? Check out Cao Wenxuan’s new book, Summer, an animal fable about kindness. Follow a group of animals who differ from each other in this lyrical celebration of sharing and community. The book employs a cut-page format with pages that gradually increase in width, moving from 3 ½ inches to 10 inches as each new animal appears, adding an extra dose of fun.

New York Day and Night is a vividly illustrated picture book that illuminates the difference between New York sites during the day, and the same sites at night. Kids will love lifting the blue see-through pages to discover that what appears to be King Kong’s jungle is actually Central Park, or that an oversized snake is really the subway. Written by Aurelie Pollet and illustrated by Vincent Bergier.


Summer and New York Day and Night

To learn more about Summer, visit Macmillan Publishers. To learn more about New York Day and Night, visit Amazon.