A Chat with Supermom Allyson Letteri, Director & Pro Ambassador at Thumbtack


Allyson Letteri’s job at Thumbtack isn’t only a career– she uses the resource in her own life, too, for everything from junk removal to family photography. Allyson shared why she loves helping small businesses thrive, plus a unique bathtime hack.

What’s your favorite part of working at Thumbtack? 

Helping my team launch incredible programs that make a real difference in the lives of small business owners on Thumbtack—the people we call our “pros.” Over the past year, we’ve held the profile consultation workshops in our offices and in ten different cities across the U.S. Pros from every profession – from wedding DJs to roofers – come away with a new headshot, a refreshed business description, and all the right settings modified to help ensure they are getting hired. We’ve noticed these pros are more active on Thumbtack in the weeks after the events, and are getting contacted by more customers. Seeing the direct impact of our programs is simply the best.

You’re also a small business advocate. What excites you about working with small businesses?

Small business owners are the most amazing group of people. They’re confident, have incredible perseverance and find so many different paths to success. I love hearing personal stories about why an entrepreneur started a business and what’s been essential to that business’ success. So many pros say that by following their passion and talents, they are doing their best work. It’s inspiring, and it’s now how nearly half of the U.S. workforce earns their living. I’m grateful to have the chance to work alongside these entrepreneurs to help them find new customers.



What’s the best task you’ve successfully used Thumbtack for personally?

The family photos we’ve had taken each year are the most precious to me. We even found a photographer through Thumbtack in New Hampshire to take photos of my husband’s grandmother’s 100th birthday party!

But Thumbtack is also essential to my ability to take care of our house. I can’t tell you how many projects I’ve done where I’d have been lost and overwhelmed without Thumbtack – moving, junk removal, plumbing, pressure washing, and gutter cleaning to name a few!

If you could hand off one chore to someone else each day, what would it be?

In an ideal world, while we are putting the kids to bed, I’d have someone tidy up the tornado that has swept through the kitchen and family room each night. I try to clean as I cook, and I’m trying to get my kids to put away their toys more consistently. But that post-bedtime mess cleanup is a drag. It’s the time when I either want to relax and work on personal projects or hop in front of my computer and get back to work.

What is your favorite thing to do to relax and unwind?

Get outside. Nothing calms my mind and my kids like walking through the Presidio near our house to play in the trees and jump on rocks, or heading out for a walk along Crissy Field beach. I always come back more focused and clearheaded. I also find I’m more creative in the fresh air and sunshine.



What is your best parenting hack?  

When the kids were smaller, I sometimes fed them dinner while they were in the bathtub at the end of a hectic day – it was so efficient! Now it’s making sure I stay on top of groceries so that snacks, breakfast, and lunch essentials are easily within reach as we pack for the day and hustle to get out the door.

What is the best white lie that you’ve told your child?

They can’t play with their friends the next day unless they eat their broccoli.

If you could describe motherhood/fatherhood in one word, what would it be?


What’s one moment in your motherhood journey that has made you proud?

Seeing my two kids (ages 5 and 3) play together and entertain each other for hours. We’ve raised them to be kind to each other and have watched them spur each others’ imagination. When I see them having so much fun, it always makes me think – wow, we must be doing something right for them to be laughing this hard and making up such outlandish, imaginary worlds!

What is one piece of advice you want to pass along to your children?

Approach life with humility and gratitude. Saying “thank you” as often as possible and treating others with respect creates a sense of peace and groundedness in a very busy world.



What is one piece of advice you would pass along to other moms? 

Get exercise every day if you can, even if it’s in little spurts like walking up and down your stairs a few extra times or doing a walking meeting at work.

How do you tackle the work/life balance?

I am not good at extremes, so I try to fit in a little bit of everything that is important to me each day (or at least each week). I have deliberately chosen to work for companies that allow me to set boundaries and keep my hours in the office consistent and reasonable.

I try to workout in the morning, even with my kids building their train tracks right beside me, so that it’s done and I feel more alert heading into the day. That way, the moment I walk in the door in the evening, it’s mom time and I can tackle dinner, bath and bedtime—and get lots of cuddles.

I also try to plan something fun each week – either a date night with my husband or an evening with our friends. It gives us something to look forward to and we get to take advantage of living in such a cool city.

What was the last book you read?

I’ve been reading everything on Reese’s Book Club list.


Fun Facts

Favorite Beauty Product:

EltaMD tinted moisturizer. I wish I’d discovered it years ago because the clear zinc is such good sun protection, and it’s light and smooth.

Favorite Form of Exercise:

Long, fast walks outside, and pilates.

What is on your DVR?

A million kids shows – Wild Kratts, Daniel Tiger, PJ Masks, and Butterbean’s Cafe to name a few.

Favorite App:


Favorite Kids Store:

Peek in San Francisco. We love their fun T-shirts, and my kids can’t wait to get the little toy dinosaurs they add to your bag when you shop in the store.