Alyssa Hertzig: 6.28.15


blogger and beauty editor, Brides Magazine



BCM: What was the best new parenting advice that you received? 

AH: Someone told me to write down every milestone they hit and every funny thing they say, because as much as you think you can’t possibly forget any of these moments…you will forget. This was great advice…that I wish I had followed fully! I have been writing down many of the funny/cute/amazing things that my kids say and do, but I haven’t been as good about recording milestones (when they first walked, got their first tooth, etc). Thank god many of those moments were captured on social media though, so I can always scroll back in Facebook if I need to remember when something happened!

BCM: What new parenting advice would you give to a new mom? 

AH: It gets better. When you’re a new mom, there are so many times when you’re exhausted and lonely and and sad and just wondering if you’re doing things right. But the superhard moments from the infant months WILL pass. It gets better. And easier. And, no, you won’t always be that tired.


BCM: Congratulations on your career success–writer, beauty editor, blogger – what was your inspiration behind launching your website?

AH: I originally launched my blog to give a behind-the-scenes look at my life as a magazine editor and also indulge my love of fashion/shopping (something I didn’t really get to do in my work-life as a beauty editor!). In the beginning, I never even went out of my way to mention that I was a mom! It just wasn’t the focus of my blog. But once I had my second child, my interests shifted. Fashion and beauty are still huge loves in my life, but the mom thing really needed to come more front and center because that became the main area of focus in my real life. I still definitely cover lots of fashion and beauty, but I now include parenting and lifestyle topics as well.

BCM: What is one item you always have in your diaper bag? 

AH: I hope this isn’t too obvious, but I never leave home without a changing pad. Even if I’m just bringing a little purse, I tuck one in there. I once forgot to bring a changing pad when we went to Disney World, and ended up changing my daughter on a bathroom floor on a bunch of paper towels. Never. Again

BCM: How do you manage work time and family time?  

AH: I am lucky in that I work part-time, so I have three days in the office, two days at home. It’s the perfect balance for me–I get grown-up time in the office, but then I also get to be home with my kids more than I would if I worked in the office all week. And my secret to managing the work/life balance isn’t really a secret–it’s having someone who you really trust taking care of your kids when you’re not there. We have a wonderful nanny who has been with us since my daughter was 2 months old. I feel totally secure when I’m away from them because I know they are in good hands. And of course our nanny texts me photos of the kids during the day so that’s always fun!


BCM: What has been your favorite vacation as a family?

AH: We went to Beaches in Turks & Caicos for spring break this past March and it was AMAZING. I had never even been to a resort with a kid’s club before–and now I’m never going to a resort without one! My two year old gets bored after just a few minutes at the pool–and he can’t really be out in the sun that long anyway. So every morning we’d take him to the kid’s club and he’d get to play and do fun activities, while we hung out with our older daughter. We’d get him at lunchtime, eat together, and then he’d go down for his nap. Then we’d have our family pool time when he woke up and then go to dinner together. There were even two mornings when my daughter went to the kid’s club too so my husband and I actually had a few hours where it was just the two of us. We basically just relaxed by the pool and read and didn’t have to chase anyone around and that was GLORIOUS. We’ve already booked our trip back to Beaches for next year!.

BCM: What is your go-to family meal? 

AH: During the week, my kids eat before my husband and I get home from work, so our family meals are reserved for the weekends. For weekend breakfasts, my husband always makes waffles or what my daughter calls ‘shape pancakes.’ (Shape pancakes are pancakes that are done in fun shapes–a.k.a. not the round Aunt Jemima frozen ones she gets during the week!) And for a fun weekend dinner treat, we love to have a ‘make your own pizza’ night, where everyone rolls out dough and adds their own toppings, and then we grill them in the backyard..

BCM: What baby product you could not live without?

AH: My kids have outgrown it, but when they were infants, I was obsessed with the Fisher Price Rock n Play Sleeper. I owned two of them (one for upstairs, one for downstairs) and it is seriously the most amazing thing ever. It’s the perfect place to nap during the day–or even sleep during the night. Both of my kids slept in it at night until they were several months old. I love that you can rock it gently if they start to stir during the night and it’s so lightweight and portable. It also folds flat (easily!), so it’s awesome to stick in the trunk for trips to grandma’s house, etc. Plus it’s very affordable. New moms: If you listen to nothing else I say, BUY ONE OF THESE!

BCM: What is your perfect family weekend activity? 

AH: We love doing something fun and active on weekend mornings. (In the afternoons, at least one parent is stuck inside because my son takes a long nap.) Recently, we visited Field Station Dinosaurs in Secaucus, NJ, and it was amazing! It’s this big outdoor park with huge, very life-life animatronic dinosaurs and tons of dino-related activities. My daughter didn’t want to go at first, because she thought it was ‘for boys,’ but she had so much fun and hasn’t stopped talking about it since! And of course, my dinosaur-loving son was enthralled from start to finish..

BCM: If you had one hour to yourself, what would you do?

AH: I would get a massage–I am SO overdue for one!–and then stop for an iced latte on the way back home.



Favorite Beauty Product: 

Just one? Ahhh! That’s almost impossible since trying beauty products is my job! But I will give you two longtime favorites: one drugstore and one splurge. First, I have been loyal to Olay Regenersist Regenerating Lotion SPF 50 for years. I wear it every day. I love that it has a super high SPF, but feels like NOTHING on your skin. And second, La Mer Concealer is amazing. It’s the perfect consistency–creamy enough to use on under-eye circles but with enough staying power to cover zits. I love it.

FAVORITE form of exercise: 

Pilates! Hands-down. I take private sessions on the machines twice a week at Kure Pilates in Hoboken, NJ, and it has totally changed my body. I had back pain for years, but Pilates has made it almost completely disappear.

What is on your DVR? 

I love TV, so there’s a ton on there! Currently, there is a lot of The Real Housewives, Veep, Silicon Valley, and Open House NYC.

Favorite app?

Uber. It’s changed my life to be able to get a car in minutes from basically anywhere. In Hoboken, where I live, it costs less than a taxi! Obsessed.

Favorite kids store?

I buy almost everything my kids own online–usually at Baby Gap, Tea Collection, or Zulily. For a brick and mortar store, I love Bit’z Kids in Tribeca. They have really great outfits that are from Japan, so they have a bit of a different feel from everything else you usually see out there. And they have supercute boy stuff, which can be very hard to find! It’s my go-to place for birthday presents…and then I always end up picking up something for my own kids, too!