Chris Pegula: 6.14.15


founder and CEO



BCM: What was the best new parenting advice that you received? 

CP: Do not react. It’s one of the hardest things to do but is so essential. Keeping calm is key.

BCM: What new parenting advice would you give to a new dad? 

CP: Be in the moment. Time goes by so quickly. I can’t believe my kids are already 15, 13 and 10. Our oldest is driving with his permit. It’s crazy. Take it all in as much as possible.

BCM: Congratulations on the continued success of Diaper Dude from diaper bags to laptop bags to your book–we are huge fans of your lifestyle brand. What was your inspiration to launch Diaper Dude?

CP:  My wife, Meredith was my inspiration. One day she came home with a dozen, flowery diaper bags from a sample sale when she was pregnant with our first child, Kai. I took one look at them and knew I would not want to carry one of those as my own. At the time there were no diaper bags for dads on the market so I took a leap of faith and launched the Diaper Dude brand.

BCM: What is one item you always had in YOUR Diaper Dude diaper bag?

CP: It’s been a while since I needed a diaper bag since my kids are moving into teenager years, but the one item that was a must was WIPES. The worst thing in my experience was not to have those when I needed them most. It is not a fun experience

BCM: How do you manage work time and family time?  

CP: As challenging as it is to manage both work and family time, my approach is to put family first. I find that when I make decisions that are in the best interest of my family the balance occurs naturally.

BCM: What has been your favorite vacation as a family?

CP: This past Spring Break we went to Hawaii and had a blast riding the water slides at our hotel. It was so much fun as a family to do that together.

BCM: What is your go-to family meal? 

CP: Steak and Kale Chips

BCM: What baby product you could not live without?

CP:  Besides a diaper bag, the one must have was a baby carrier. I used a Baby Bjorn back in the day as that was the only choice available. It was great. Today there is such a large selection of carriers on the market which is exciting to see. If I were to do it again, I’d have a tough time deciding which one to choose.

BCM: What is your perfect family weekend activity? 

CP:  I LOVE the beach. The beach + Family = Perfection.

BCM: If you had one hour to yourself, what would you do?

CP: Sleep! Ha ha! Actually I would take a book and head to my favorite hiking spot and read. I love nature.

BCM: What’s next for Diaper Dude?

CP: I’m excited about the next chapter for Diaper Dude. We are partnering with a non- profit organization called Futures Without Violence and donating 10% of our proceeds towards their efforts to end domestic violence. We are transitioning the brand to merge with a new lifestyle brand called True Dude. True Dude is a lifestyle brand designed to honor today’s men who leave a positive impact on the next generation. Diaper Dude is the flagship product of True Dude. We have some great partners joining our cause like Modify Watches and Fresh Brewed T’s. You can learn more about this at



Favorite technology product?

My beats headphones

Favorite form of exercise:

Running – I am a marathon junkie

What’s on your DVR?

Modern Family and Million Dollar Listing

Favorite app?


Favorite kids store?

FAO Schwarz. So sad to see it close in New York City.