Lauren Pohl – Week of 12/2/12

Lauren Pohl


Kidz Central Station



BCM – How did your life change when you became a mom?

Lauren – I fell in love again.  I spent almost all of my time thinking about Lucy and trying to do things to make her happy. I found joy in such small things that prior to having a child I never would have believed could make me smile or happy. 

BCM – What has been your most memorable moment (s) as a mom? 
Lauren – When I found out on my daughter’s 2nd birthday that I was pregnant with my son. It was such an amazing moment as I cherished the last 2 years with my daughter and watching her go from a small infant to a happy, beautiful and fun little girl and now anticipated being able to do it again and have her be a big sister!

BCM – What has been the biggest challenge for you in motherhood. Any advice for new moms? 
Lauren -The biggest challenge is finding any time for myself.  As a working mother, I try to spend as much time with my children as possible when I’m not in the office and that leaves little or no time to myself. My advice to new moms is to take some time for yourself and have weekly dinner with your friends and date night with your husband as a happy mother makes for a happy baby!

BCM – Congratulations on Kidz Central Station! What was your inspiration behind launching this site where NYC moms can browse through a variety of class options at once and also register for all of their classes on one site? 

Lauren -Thanks! My infant son was my inspiration!! When I was on maternity leave, I tried to find and sign up for a few classes for him and his sister and found the whole process time-consuming, frustrating and antiquated. I couldn’t believe that I had to fill out so many different forms so many times and couldn’t find reviews of classes.  I thought there needs to be one centralized website where a parent can quickly search for, read reviews and enroll in classes and activities for kids (kind of like Open Table but for kids classes). I also thought it would be great to be able to quickly share my child’s schedule with my husband, my other mom friends as well as syncing  to my e-calendar.   

BCM- What are the best type of classes that you recommend for newborn(s) to six months old? 
Lauren -Music, developmental/gym and library story time.  Anything that exposes a young baby to other kids and something new + introduces moms to other moms is great! Kidz Central Station has a search criteria based upon age so a parent can see all classes for a child aged newborn- 6 months in their neighborhood and quickly sign up. 

BCM –How do you manage your work life balance?

Lauren -The vast majority of people working at Kidz Central Station are also moms and we strive to be a business where moms can spend time with their kids and also work. With technology we can do a lot of work around our kids’ schedules and we don’t work a traditional 9-6 day. That being said, I don’t sleep as much as I would like.   

BCM – What are your favorite Mommy and Me activities?  Any fun family “must do” activities you can recommend to other moms?

Lauren -We love getting shakes at Madison Square Park and then playing pretend throughout the park– we go to the different statues in the park and pretend they are castles and we are a princess and a prince.  We love going on the ferry from 34th street to Brooklyn as well and getting ice cream and going to the carousel.


I’m totally obsessed with…

Lauren – spy novels…a great way to escape from life as NYC mom!

My biggest influence is…

Lauren – my parents–they are the most amazing parents and grandparents and have made it easy for me to be a parent as I look to them as role models

My favorite drugstore buy is..

Lauren – bubble bath

My guilty pleasure is..

Lauren -visiting grandma and grandpa and sleeping in while they wake up with the kids 

Favorite NYC activity …

Lauren -running the reservoir 

Favorite color?

Lauren -Yellow

Favorite NYC Restaurant:

Lauren – Al Forno pizza- great pizza and family friendly!