Leigh Hurst: 10.5.14

Feel Your Boobies


 leigh hurst feel your boobies breast cancer awareness

BCM: How did your life change when you became a mom? 

LH: Being older when I had kids, my life changed alot after giving birth. The biggest change for me is having to be on a routine every day. I’ve always really thrived on change and since kids really thrive on routine, I’ve really had to change my perspective on how I plan my days/weeks.


BCM: What has/have been your most memorable moment(s) as a mom?

LH: I loved it when I first heard both of my boys say “momma”. And while hearing it 1000 times a day can drive me nuts, there’s still something so sweet about the way they say it.


BCM: What has been the biggest challenge for you in motherhood.  Any advice for new moms?

LH: I’m a single mom, and my boys are 2 & 3 1/2 so everything, everyday is a challenge. I’m realizing that being a mom has to be done in the way that feels natural for you. Everyone has advice to give you about how to raise kids, and lots of times it’s from people you might have very little in common with. Be true to who you are and what’s important to you as a person. That is the best way to figure out what parenting path is the right one for you.


BCM: First, congratulations on being cancer free for 10 years! You are amazing and inspiration to everyone around you – tell us how you launched your foundation, Feel Your Boobies?

LH: Thank you. It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years. I was diagnosed when I was 33 after finding a lump that was missed by the doctors. After being diagnosed, I realized that I never much paid attention to breast cancer messages. I didn’t have a family history so I didn’t really think too much about it. “Feeling my boobies” really did save my life so I made a fun t-shirt just to remind my friends, and that t-shirt has evolved into a Foundation & campaign that has saved lives.

 leigh hurst feel your boobies breast cancer awareness

BCM: What are the top three questions you get asked most often and how do you answer them?


  1. Did you have a family history of breast cancer?

No, I didn’t. And what I learned after being diagnosed is that 75-80% of women diagnosed don’t have a family history.

 2.  Do you have a staff?

 People think Feel Your Boobies is this large operation, and honestly I run it out of my home and have since it began in 2004. I have had part-time staff at different times, but I currently run it alone. It’s amazing what you can do with a computer, passion, and a mission.

3.  Is your background in Marketing?

Feel Your Boobies has really evolved into a brand and because of that, many people think I probably have a background in marketing.  My background is actually in media strategy & behavior change.  It’s been really cool to feel like I can apply my educational and professional experience to something I really care about.


BCM: What inspires you?

LH: Creativity inspires me. I love watching things go from an idea to reality. Whether it’s a campaign or t-shirt idea I’m working on for Feel Your Boobies or painting a room in my house a new color.


BCM: How do you manage your work/life balance?

LH: LOL, not very well these days. Managing the Foundation & being a single mom doesn’t leave much time for a “life”. But I try to remind myself that this is just a phase.  When I do have a little extra time, I try to fit in a run or do some home improvement project that makes me feel good.


BCM: What are your favorite mommy and me activities?  Any fun family must do activities you can recommend to other moms?

LH: My favorite things to do with my boys are very simple. Sometimes when I put a lot of thought into some grand plan, it doesn’t work out so great. I’ve realized the best times we have together are when we’re just playing in the flower beds or at a nearby playground. 




MY BIGGEST INFLUENCE IS… having awesome parents.

MY FAVORITE DRUGSTORE BUY IS… pocket-sized aquaphor tubes (must haves).    

MY GUILTY PLEASURE IS…  marshmallow peeps (so yummy).     



MY FAVORITE PENNSYLVANIA ACTIVITY IS…  taking a drive somewhere in Amish Country.

MY FAVORITE NYC RESTAURANT IS…  Hitting Chelsea Market for lunch.      

MY FAVORITE WESTPORT RESTAURANTS ARE…  Char’s Tracy Mansion in Harrisburg.