6 Tips To Help You Get Better Sleep..TONIGHT!

What a new mom wouldn’t give to get one full night of peaceful sleep. Even when your newborn is resting in a serene state, constant fear and worrying plague the new parent mind, making it nearly impossible to catch the much needed zzz’s required to keep sane during those first few weeks. 

But, rest assured, armed with these simple tools and strategies, you can get better sleep….TONIGHT. 


Experts agree that setting the optimal temperature in the nursery (or wherever baby is sleeping) lowers the risk of SID’s significantly and induces the best sleep for baby.  So, be sure to set your thermostat to a cool 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit.


Instead of waking yourself every few minutes to worry if you should do a breathing check, scoop up one of the latest newborn tech gadgets, a movement monitor.  The award-winning portable abdominal movement monitor, the Snuza Hero, has garnered a lot of attention and top reviews for alerting parents after twenty seconds if no movement is detected. When you are tired, worried and need help to monitor your baby, Snuza® portable baby movement monitors are always with you.


Contrary to popular thinking, a little rhythmic noise can go a long way in soothing baby into a better night’s sleep.  Be it the sound of a TV, a vacuum, or our recommendation, a soothing white noise machine, turning up the noise will go a long way in getting baby to sleep better….and longer.


Give baby a little assistance when it comes to adjusting their circadian rhythm and learning that nighttime is the right time for sleep.  Keep the house light and bright during the day (even during naps), and dim when the sun begins to go down at night so that they can wind down for the evening.  


Are you up with the baby for a middle of the night feeding? While it may be hard to resist the temptation of looking at a newborns beautiful baby eyes, making eye-contact stimulates them too much and can break a good sleep pattern, so it’s best to leave that for the daytime.


While you may have spent months preparing the most beautiful and cozy nursery for your newborn, babies usually rest much better in more confined spaces like a bassinet.  The less open area they have to move around and the more enclosed of a space, the better sleep you both will ultimately get. Also, try introducing a sleep companion, like the new Lulla Doll, that promotes better sleep, well-being and safety through its soothing sounds which simulates a real heartbeat and breathing and soft touch.


This is a sponsored post by Snuza.