Belly Bandit C-Section and Recovery Undies

Many of us know the toll that a c-section takes on us after delivery. Introducing the C-section Undies by Belly Bandit! C-sections can be a mother, so once you’re ready (be it 2 days or 2 weeks post-surgery) these support and recovery undies will come to your rescue with targeted compression to help reduce swelling and silver-infused fibers that can help eliminate bacteria, wetness and odor. They also come with a sample of ScarAway ScarRepair Gel. 



BellyBandit C-Section Undies



These undies address the needs of C-section moms, but they can be worn by all new moms to help reduce postpartum swelling and discomfort as well as provide support and compression! 


The Belly Bandit C-Section and Recovery Undies sell for $59.95 and can be purchased at