Archived: Dad Gets Major Surprise During Newborn Photo Session

It’s during those first few weeks of your new baby’s life that you want to capture forever. That’s why most of us schedule a newborn photo session with our new bundle of joy. Most of the time our newborn sleeps through the entire session without a care in the world. But every once in a while a photographer captures an unexpected moment that new parents will be sure to remember forever. 

That’s what happened to Al Freguson, a dad blogger from Kent in the United Kingdom. He got a major surprise as he posed for a photo with his newborn son, Ted. 

“He was asleep so I balanced him on my arm and managed to get his legs dangling down. The photographer started to snap away and my wife was watching,” said Ferguson. “Then I felt his tummy tense up… in a split second I wondered why, then realised why and then it happened.”

And by “it” he means this.


Oh yes, the thing that we fear during those newborn photo sessions. His newborn son pooped right there on this arm. 

“What had been a room of people tip toeing around trying not to disturb the baby erupted into laughter… from everyone except me that is!” Ferguson told Big City Moms. “I didn’t have time to react. It was like a gun firing out liquid in a split second. My OCD kicked in momentarily as I saw the shaggy rug splattered with runny poo. I quickly found the funny side of it though and we all fell about laughing.”

And the best part? It was all caught on camera.

“The photographer hadn’t realised she’s caught it on the camera, so we all said, ‘wouldn’t it have been great if you’d caught that,’ said Ferguson.  “When we realised the laughter went through the roof!”

Ferguson and his wife have been married a year and their son Ted was born on August 1st. He shared the photo on his blog, The Dad Network,  and since then, the photo has gone viral. 

“I think it’s such a fantastic photo,” Ferguson said. “It’d be wrong to keep it to ourselves.”


(Hat Tip: TODAY Parents

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