Archived: Favorite Apps for Preschoolers


Take the learning out of the classroom and onto the tablet with these fun and educational app for your preschooler. We’ve picked some of our favorites that will have your preschooler begging to play more so they can learn!


Endless Alphabet

Start your preschooler on the early stages of reading with this fun and interactive app. With fun little monsters, they will teach their their alphabet, sounds, and words with fun games and talking letter! Learning has never been so fun! 

Download it here for $6.99

Download it here for Android

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Play at Home with Daniel

Everyone’s favorite neighborhood is Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. Play with Daniel and his friends and help him go to the doctor, learn how to go potty, and with his bedtime routine. And Daniel does it in a way that preschoolers will love and understand so that they can watch and want to do it on their own. 

Download it here for $2.99

Download it here for Android for $2.99

Reading Rainbow

We all loved the classic television show and now our children can see the magic of Reading Rainbow. LeVar Burton is back and show our children over 400 books that are great for any age. Your child can have the book read to them or they can read it themselves. This is a great way to introduce the fun of reading to your child.

Download it here for FREE

Beck and Bo

Let your child tag along with Beck and Bo as they go on their different adventures. Whether it’s on a safari, in the ocean, or on a train, your child will love helping out Beck and Bo by interacting and listening to names and sounds. They are also rewarded for each task they complete which is a great way to praise your child for all of their hard work! 

Download it here for $2.99

Download it here for Android for $2.99

Tiggly Chef: Preschool Math Cooking Game

Get your little one in the kitchen by helping the chef create some of his silly recipes. The chef will let your child know exactly how many of each ingredient he will need, which helps your child understand simple mathamatics. And when they are finished, they get to see the silly creation they helped the chef make! Your child can use the special Tiggly pieces or do it without!

Download it here for Free

Available soon on Android

Tiggly Cardtoons: Learn to Count with 25 Interactive Kids Stories

The cardtoons are a creative way to teach your child numbers with art! Pick any number up to five and then help put those dots in their spaces. Once the do that the dots will turn into special shapes that then help create the cardtoon into a fun little story! Use your Tiggly shapes or your hand with this fun app.

Download it here for FREE

Download it here for Android for FREE

Doc McStuffins: Time for Your Check Up

If your child is a fan of the Doc McStuffins show, they will love this app. Step into Doc’s office and help her and her friends fix up all of the toys. Different games within the app help build your child’s motor and developmental skills while helping fix the toy with their boo-boo. 

Download it here for $3.99

Download it on here on Android for $3.99

Team Umizoomi Math: Zoom into Numbers

Let your little one use their mighty math powers with this fun and educational app! They will learn to count, identify numbers, and even addition and subtraction. Earn points and badges as they play through the game.

Download it here for $6.99

Download it here for Android for $6.99

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

A great app for any preschooler! Filled with seven different games including colors, shapes, matching and more! Your little one will have so much fun seeing what’s inside the monkey’s lunchbox while learning at the same time!

Download it here for $1.99

Download it here for Android for $1.99

Monkey Word School Adventure

Introduce your toddler to learning how to read and write with this fun app. Join monkey and his friends from the jungle while they learn how to spell words and sounds them out. This game is great for kids who are just learning their letters or even older kids who are just beginning to learn how to read!

Download it here for $1.99

Download it here for Android for $1.99

Monkey Math School Sunshine

Monkey’s going to the beach and bringing his favorite numbers with him. Let your preschooler learn numbers and math with this fun-filled app! They will learn how to count, patterns, and even adding and subtracting. Collect prizes as they go through the game into their interactive aquarium.

Download it here for $1.99

Download it here for Android for $1.99

Handwriting Without Tears: Wet-Dry-Try Suite for Capitals, Numbers & Lowercase

A popular handwriting program that many schools can now be done on your tablet! Learnign to write letters and numbers can be fun with this app. The app simulates a chalkboard while teaching your child the correct handwriting techniques.

Download it here for $6.99


Teach Me: Kindergarten

Get your preschooler ready for Kindergarten with this fun educational app. The app teaches six different age appropriate subjects including sight words, addition, subtraction, spelling and now writing letters and numbers

Download it here for $1.99

Bob Books: Reading Magic

So many children have learned to read with Bob Books and now they can take that even further with this fun and educational app. They can start to learn to read with fun games and all of their favorite Bob characters.

Download it here for $3.99

Download it here for Android for $3.99

Learn with Homer

If your child is just learning how to read, then this is the app for them. Designed with parents and children in mind, this app has bright colors and fun graphics that will get your child excited for learning!

Download it here for FREE

Elmo Loves ABCs

Every toddler loves the furry red monster, Elmo. Let him teach your child the ABCs with this fun and interactive app. It has songs and videos about letters. It has coloring pages and games about letters. It even teaches your child how to draw the letter with a tracing game. Elmo even made a new alphabet song for it.

Download it here for $4.99

Download it here for Android for $4.99


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