Meet the Vendors: A-Med Supplies is a committed leader and a superior provider for child bearing mothers, whether they are in the pregnancy stage or postpartum. They are dedicated to providing superior service, quality products and innovative solutions to improve the mother’s quality of life. They achieve these goals through professionalism, quality and personal care.Through years of experience and knowledge, they offer the most comfortable and personal care from early on in the pregnancy till the first baby steps. One of their greatest services is providing to the mothers with exclusive brand name breast-pumps and breastfeeding accessories.

What can parents expect to see at the Biggest Baby Shower?

Free breastpump! As of 2013 affordable care act requires health insurance plans to cover breastfeeding supplies, therefore we partner with medela to get for the moms the best double electric breastpumps

Why do parents love A-med supplies?

Our products is the best brands. Moms most likely. Our service is to get the pump delivered within 24-48 hours from when we get the order.


What makes a-med supplies stand out from all of the rest?

It’s free! Covered by your insurance! Hassle free for moms We take care of billing & moms know when they order which pump they will get. & we do upgrades to all medela models for a minimum fee.

Will you be offering any deals/discounts at the event  that you would like to make the attendees aware of?

Expecting moms could fill out our order form to get their pump even before there due date with most insurance providers. Prescription needed from your doctor in your name (not baby) for a “double electric breastpump” bring along tour insurance card to have your order done! Get your money spending for other baby clothing.. save a $250 value with that free breast pump. Enjoy Breastfeeding!


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