Meet the Vendors: Aleva Naturals

Aleva Naturals is a range of Natural, Organic and Vegan skincare products for both mom & baby

What can parents expect to see at the Biggest Baby Shower?

Parents can expect to be introduced to Aleva Naturals! Aleva Naturals® range of Maternity and Baby skincare products were developed by a pharmacist, herbalist and naturopath. Parents will recieve a sample of our Sleep Easy Hair & Body Wash along with an informational brochure to learn more!

Why do parents love Aleva Naturals?

All new parents, and soon to be parents want the very best for their newborns and that begins with not only their dietary needs, but also the touch and feel of their baby’s skin. We believe that having a baby changes your perspective on the world and we are proud to offer the very best for you and your family. Aleva Naturals® products are free of harsh chemicals that may trigger skin irritation, dryness and pose long-term health risks to your baby’s tender skin.

What makes Aleva Naturals out from all of the rest?

Aleva Naturals® range of Maternity and Baby Skincare products was developed by a naturopath, herbalist and pharmacist. This unique product range was specially formulated with pure, natural and safe ingredients that deliver therapeutic results and are pH balanced to be gentle on baby’s eyes and mild on the most sensitive skin. Aleva Naturals® is Certified Vegan! The ingredients in all Aleva products are derived strictly from plants. Aleva Naturals® is a member of the Organic Trade Association. Aleva Naturals® products are not tested on animals and are cruelty free. Aleva Naturals® prides itself in providing natural solutions without the use of artificial fragrances or added colors.


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