Meet the Vendors: BabyBjörn

Since 1961, BABYBJÖRN has proudly manufactur
ed a variety of high-quali
ty, innovative
 products for infants and toddlers. Best known for our collection
 of secure,
 comfortable baby carriers, BABYBJÖRN offers more than 20 products in our portfolio,which also includes bouncers, cribs, cradles and kitchen and bath essentials.

Why do parents love BabyBjörn?

Here at BabyBjörn, we have an important mission – to develop the best and safest products for your littlest ones. We are a family-owned business and always put the safety and comfort of your baby first.


What makes BabyBjörnstand out from all of the rest?

We are inspired by the idea that we are making a difference and helping families with small children in their everyday routines. That’s why we are constantly looking for new solutions and improvements based on our unique safety and quality mindset. Products from BabyBjörn are distinguished by their simple, classic yet modern design and their lack of unnecessary details.


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