Meet the Vendors: Babyganics

To us, baby-safe isn’t a goal. It’s a process. It’s how we create, test and improve our products. Along the way from idea to reality we ask lots of questions — by talking to parents, doctors, regulatory experts, scientists. We learn what we should and shouldn’t do to make it safe and great. How does the product feel and smell (or doesn’t)? How does it work and why? What ingredients will make it better? What ingredients are unsafe or unnecessary? How can we can make it easy to use? Fun? Economical? We test it and refine it. Then test it again. And once the product is on the shelf it’s never off our radar. We’re constantly reviewing ingredients and the latest studies. We listen to your feedback and we’re on the lookout for new and better ingredients that might improve performance, or safety. Just like our babies … we never sleep.

What can parents expect to see at the Biggest Baby Shower?

We’re excited to help expectant parents get their baby-safe world started!

Why do parents love Babyganics?

Parents love that Babyganics has a full range of personal care & household cleaning products that are baby-safe and made with natural ingredients.


What makes babyganics stand out from all of the rest?

Aside from certain things we don’t have in our products (like parabens & sulfates), there is something we do have – our own anti-oxidant rich Neo-Nourish Natural Seed Oil Blend. This is found in all our products that touch baby’s skin and helps to nurture & support the unique needs of their skin.


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