Meet the Vendors: Barley + Oats

An organic postpartum meal delivery service for new and breastfeeding moms in NYC.Making happy mamas and healthy babies.

Why do parents love Barley + oats?

By providing moms with easy access to motherfoods, and preparing them thoughtfully so the nutrients can be most effectively absorbed, we are giving moms peace of mind that they can eat conveniently—and even indulgently—and be sure they’re doing what’s best for baby and themselves.

What makes Barley + oats stand out from all of the rest?

Barley + Oats is the first meal delivery service created for new mothers. We make and deliver convenient, fully prepared, nutrient-dense entrees and snacks that fulfill the unique nutritional requirements of women in the first four stages of motherhood: fertility, pregnancy, postpartum recovery and breastfeeding. With as many as 9/10 moms having some sort of nutrient deficiency at conception—which increases throughout pregnancy and the postpartum—we are leading the charge when it comes to educating moms about not only what to eat but also how to eat during this time. A diet rich in “motherfoods”— a new breed of “superfoods” that have specific functions for fertility, fetal development, postpartum convalescence and lactation—has been proven to reduce the likelihood of things like preterm labor, postpartum depression and low milk supply for mom, as well as impacting the way baby’s genes are expressed, its IQ, birth weight and susceptibility to certain ailments, conditions, and diseases.

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