Meet the Vendors: BeauGen

BeauGen’s first product is a new universal fit soft and stretchy nipple cushion designed for moms to use while pumping. Patent pending design. Made in USA.

Why do parents love beaugen?

Moms can finally achieve a truly comfortable pumping experience when using our breast pump nipple cushions. Moms use the cushions with their pump for enhanced fit and added comfort so they can continue to pump breast milk for their babies. Moms no longer need to quit pumping from the pain.

What makes beaugen stand out from all of the rest?

Our soft and stretchy breast pump nipple cushions are compatible with most breast pump brands and sizes in the market. The cushions protect the sensitive skin while moms pump to help achieve a truly comfortable pumping experience.

Stop by the BeauGen booth for special show discount of $5 off each pair.

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