Meet the Vendors: Bevy

Bevy gives you a remarkable new way to take care of your family’s photos and videos. Making it easier than ever to store, organize, protect, & enjoy them.

Why do parents love bevy?

Parents take the most priceless photos and videos. Now in the digital age, this precious content is scattered across devices, getting lost to time, rarely enjoyed. Bevy makes it easy to get all of a family’s photos and videos into one central place, safe and secure inside the home, while allowing anytime, anywhere access through the Bevy app.

What makes bevy stand out from all of the rest?

Bevy is unlike any other photo storage solution because it is specifically designed for families. The ease-of-use and user experience set it apart from other tech devices. It is optimized for a multi-user environment. Bevy is device-agnostic, so it doesn’t matter if everyone in the household prefers a different smartphone, tablet, or computer. Your photos and videos are safe and secure on the device in your home, not off in the cloud.


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