Meet the Vendors: Cryo-Cell International

There are so many things to think about leading up to having your little one. If you’ve considered cord blood banking, Cryo-Cell can help. Cryo-Cell International is the world’s first private cord blood bank and was founded in 1989. Cryo-Cell has since maintained its leadership position and commitment to quality as demonstrated by having more quality accreditations than any other cord blood bank.
Cryo-Cell is dedicated to helping more individuals resolve serious medical problems through the use of cord blood and has provided funding for cord blood research to treat many neurodegenerative diseases, including stroke, ALS, Alzheimers, and Parkinsons. Cryo-Cell invites you to compare cord blood banking costs and providers. We know you will join the over 500,000 parents from 87 countries who selected Cryo-Cell to help safeguard their families’ future health.

What can parents expect to see at the Biggest Baby Shower?

The Cord Blood Field Educators at Cryo-Cell International are passionate and knowledgeable about the important benefits of storing your baby’s cord blood and cord tissue. Expectant parents will be able to meet with a cord blood educator and learn about the current therapies for cord blood and cord tissue stem cells. Families coming by our booth will also be able to enroll immediately on-site with the personal assistance of a Cryo-Cell Coordinator, saving them the trouble of filling out tedious paper work that many other companies require before enrolling. There is no fee to enroll.

Why do parents love cryo-cell International?

Cryo-Cell International offers two critical services: umbilical cord blood banking and umbilical cord tissue banking. Umbilical cord blood is rich in stem cells that are already being used to treat close to 80 diseases including cancers such as lymphoma and leukemia and inherited metabolic disorders. Over 30,000 transplants worldwide have already been performed using stem cells from umbilical cord blood. Umbilical cord tissue-derived stem cells are increasingly being utilized in regenerative medicine for a wide range of conditions including heart and kidney disease, ALS, MS, Alzheimer’s, wound healing, and autoimmune diseases. Both of our services are highly valued by our customers. Cord tissue is a newer process to have gained traction, but today, most parents choose to store both for the added protection doing so provides. Expectant parents value that the cord blood and cord tissue collected is guaranteed, processed, and stored at Cryo-Cell International’s highly accredited and registered facility. Over 500,000 parents from 87 countries have entrusted Cryo-Cell International with their baby’s cord blood and cord tissue stem cells. Our clients tell us that they look back on their decision to store their baby’s umbilical cord blood stem cells as being incredibly low in cost in comparison to the peace of mind the decision comes with. We see this in a very tangible way with the very high number of our repeat clients.


What makes cryo-cell international stand out from all of the rest?

Cryo-Cell International was the first cord blood bank to separate and store stem cells, the first cord blood bank to adopt the industry’s premium processing method, and the first and only private cord blood bank to be awarded FACT (the Foundation for the Accreditation for Cellular Therapy) accreditation for voluntarily adhering to the most stringent quality standards in the industry. Since inception, 100% of Cryo-Cell International’s clients’ specimens have been viable upon thaw and no other cord blood company can make that statement.

Will you be offering any deals/discounts at the event  that you would like to make the attendees aware of?

Yes. Expectant parents will be able to enter in our monthly sweepstakes for complimentary cord blood collection and banking. And anyone registering with Cryo-Cell at the booth will receive special pricing.


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