Meet the Vendors: FizzWizz

Mom-invented, FizzWizz is a little tablet that packs an enormous cleaning punch. Just simply drop into a dirty baby bottle or sippy cup and with a little water and shaking, it comes out crystal clean. No smell. No grit. Perfectly safe and non-toxic. It’s great for on-the-go cleaning when you run out of bottles and works great in the kitchen on water bottles with tons of nooks and crannies that you r bottle brush won’t reach. It’s basically the cleaning product you didn’t know you needed until you have it.

Why do parents love Fizzwizz?

Fizzwizz, “the nook and cranny cleaner” is the fastest, easiest, safest and most effective way to clean dirty baby bottles, and sippy cups on the go. Each ingredient was handpicked making it 100% all natural/plant based and non toxic. Its cleansing power and New odor busting patented technology eliminates all smells that is left in the bottle/sippy cup. Parents love it bc Fizzwizz Cleaning Tablets, are safe, 100% all natural, and very easy/convenient to use when traveling.

What makes fizzwizz stand out from all of the rest?

There is nothing like Fizzwizz Cleaning tablets in the market today, a complete ” brush-less cleaning system” that conveniently cleans baby bottles and sippy cups on the go, without the mess, and with no milk residue and smells left behind! Mom’s/dad’s don’t have to carry 3 to 4 clean bottles with them when traveling or out for the day. All you need is a small bottle of Fizzwizz cleaning tablets and a bottle of water. Then will be ready to clean .your baby bottle anywhere and anytime.

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