Meet the Vendors: Flour LA, Inc.

Flour was originally conceived as a retail storefront of food and flowers towards the end of 2009, hence the company’s double-entendre name. However, after building an online presence locally in the floral world, the plan got derailed in order to focus on solely providing flowers to upscale clientele that yearned for quality and creativeness.
They mainly provide florals for high-end fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands, the media, editorial, PR events, galas, and festivals all across the country, along with a select number of weddings.
At the end of 2013 they launched our sister company Flour LA, Jr! which throw children’s parties where kids play with, build, and decorate with flowers. 

What can parents expect to see at the Biggest Baby Shower?

Flower activities for kids and a floral crown DIY for parents.

Why do parents love your bags?

A new activity for kids parties that allow creativity and expression!


What makes your bags stand out from all of the rest?

We are the only company that specializes in traditional florist services and services specifically designed for kids ages 2+.


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