Meet the Vendors: Freida’s Pantry

We make the UK’s healthiest
 food bars for pregnant and nursing mums – and tired dads too! We believe in natural nutrition and will do all we can to support your new family naturally.

Why do parents love freida’s Pantry?

Moms and even Dads love our bars as they are a great way to get a quick dose of energy! With a new born baby it is not always easy to eat well and with the sleepless nights a little boost is always welcome!

What makes freida’s pantry stand out from all of the rest?

Our bars are nourishment bars for all new moms (and even dads!) they are packed with up to 10 different super foods, nuts, seeds and grains. They are great for busy moms on the go and are a tasty burst of energy. Our Feeding Food bars are a great way for nursing moms to support their milk supply

Stop by the Freida Pantry booth where they will be giving away free samples and money off coupons.

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