Meet the Vendors: Fresh Wave

Fresh Wave products entirely eliminate bad smells without relying on harmful chemicals. Instead, our products are made of natural ingredients, so they’re safe to use around people and pets.

What can parents expect to see at the Biggest Baby Shower?

With Fresh Wave, it is not necessarily what parents can expect to see at the Biggest Baby Shower, but what they can expect to smell. Fresh, clean, air! Fresh Wave will be on site offering samples of the exclusive to Target line of all natural odor removers to parents. Fresh Wave has no harsh chemicals. No harmful ingredients. No masking fragrances. Just plant oils and water. Our products are perfect for homes, especially nurseries. While your child is perfect, their diaper situation is not. Fresh Wave offers parents natural way to actually remove unwanted odors rather than masking them with harsh chemicals and fragrances.

Why do parents love fresh wave?

Fresh Wave products remove odors naturally! Any odor, anywhere. Diaper pail odors, sports gear, pet odors – all gone!


What makes fresh wave stand out from all of the rest?

No harsh chemicals, no masking fragrances, alcohol-free and they work like magic!

Stop by the Fresh Wave table where they will be handing out coupons for $1 off Fresh Wave at your local Target store.

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