Meet the Vendors: Gift of Gab Resources

 Gift of Gab provides you with home-based therapeutic treatment or the option of Telespeech from the comfort of your own home. We also provide screenings, evaluations, and consultations. Our speech language pathologists are based in the New York City area and Long Island. Our whole family approach combines traditional methods with more progressive & innovative techniques. Gift of Gab therapists know how to “think outside of the box” to achieve your maximum potential.

Why do parents love Gift of Gab?

We are not only speech pathologists who provide speech therapy and evaluations all across New York City, but we are also speech pathologists who are also artists. We have developed a collection of First Words and Feelings apparel including onesies, shirts, tights, and pants. Many of our designs have been drawn by our children and refined by us to present to you.

What makes Gift of Gab stand out from all of the rest?

Our exclusive designs are hand painted using non-toxic, water-based, gluten-free, and peanut-free ink.

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