Meet the Vendors: Healthy Child Healthy World

Healthy Child Healthy World, powered by Environmental Working Group, began in 1992 after five-year-old Colette Chuda died of a rare form of non-hereditary cancer linked to environmental factors. Today, millions of America’s children face a historically unprecedented rise in chronic disease and illness such as cancer, autism, asthma, birth defects, and learning disabilities. Credible scientific evidence increasingly points to contaminants in our environment and chemicals in everyday products as causing and contributing to many of these diseases. Playing a leadership role in one of the most important public health and environmental movements of the 21st century, Healthy Child Healthy World, a national 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization headquartered in Los Angeles, ignites the movement that empowers parents to protect children from harmful chemicals.

What can parents expect to see at the Biggest Baby Shower?

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Why do parents love Healthy Child Healthy World?

“Right now I’m in the business of raising kids; two girly girls to be exact. And Healthy Child Healthy World makes my job so much easier because THEY do the vetting this busy mom doesn’t have time for. Healthy products, ethical companies, timely causes – their finger is on the pulse of all of them.” -Sara Snow


What makes Healthy Child Healthy World stand out from all of the rest?

Healthy Child Healthy World is a national nonprofit that empowers parents to take action and protect children from harmful chemicals.

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