Meet the Vendors: Kinsa

Kinsa is the first smartphone-connected, app-enabled thermometer. Automatically track fever, symptoms & more to share w/ your doctor.

What can parents expect to see at the Biggest Baby Shower?

We will demo our award-winning app and thermometer. We’re also asking moms-to-be what’s the best advice they’ve gotten to keep baby healthy. Their words of wisdom will be shared with all of the expecting moms after the show on email. Parents who share their advice will have a chance to win our brand-new IR Ear thermometer launching Fall 2015!

Why do parents love your products?

Kinsa helps give parents peace of mind when they need it most. Parents love how simple it is to keep track of their family’s health all in one place.

What makes your product stand out from all of the rest?

We’re the world’s first and only FDA-cleared smartphone connected thermometer. Kinsa is powered by the phone, which means your thermometer will never die, and the app does more than just track temperature. We offer parents a health record at their fingertips to help them monitor their family’s health over time.

Will you be offering any deals/discounts at the event that you would like to make the attendees aware of?

Yes. Parents who share their best health advice for new moms will get a chance to win the new Kinsa IR Ear Thermometer.

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