Meet the Vendors: Nuna

Nuna is a collection of smart baby gear inspired by Dutch designers.

Why do parents love Nuna?

Nuna is a company built on a single promise: that baby products should take some of the work out of being new parents, so people can actually enjoy being new parents. As a company with Dutch roots, we see things differently, and have designed a unique line with a humble combination of beauty, craftsmanship and the belief that less is always more. That is why we engineer all the unnecessary parts out of our gear and sculpt them down to the sleekest, smartest versions of themselves.The more we take out of our products, the more you get out of them.

What makes nuna stand out from all of the rest?

When our product designers approach a new project, they use a particularly Dutch method for figuring it out: a concept.

The truth is, their gear will be around for years, so we aim for stuff that can hang tough at a play date, not embarrass the kids as they grow up and keep your entire house from redefining itself as a play room. We hope you agree.


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