Meet the Vendors: Oat Mama

Oat Mama Lactation Granola Bars. Rolled oats, ground flax, brewer’s yeast, toasted almonds, local honey & a little bit of sass. Your boobs will thank us.

What can parents expect to see at the Biggest Baby Shower?

Lovingly hand-crafted in small batches, Oat Mama bars are specifically designed to nourish and energize new mamas and mamas-to-be. Seriously yummy and made with all the freshest and most wholesome ingredients, Oat Mama bars will keep you and your milk supply going strong. Come and enjoy our variety of knock-your-bra-off delicious flavors and meet the Oat Mamas.

Why do parents love oat mama?

Mamas love us because we are a healthy treat that serves a purpose. We also offer options without dairy, wheat, egg, and soy. Our bars are soft and chewy, never crumbly, and the perfect on-the-go snack.They pack a ton of brewer’s yeast, ground flax, and oats for extra milk-boosting power, and deliver essential healthy fats from all-natural nut butters and seeds. You’ll feel great eating Oat Mama bars and sharing them with your family. If you must…

What makes oat mama stand out from all of the rest?

We love granola bars! What better snack to have on hand before or after a stroller walk, hike or workout? What a dreamy breakfast with a cup of coffee or tea. We are foodies and would not be satisfied until our Oat Mama bars were the best granola bars we’d ever tasted AND packed the most nutritious, milk-making foods in every bite.


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