Meet the Vendors: Photosesh

PhotoSesh is a community of photography enthusiasts both picture lovers and picture takers. We’re connecting iPhoneographers and Photographers to people in need of a simple quick photoshoot at a friendly price. The best part is it’s On-Demand, On-Location, and you can get your digital images instantly!

Why do parents love Photosesh?

Because it’s the easiest way to find, book, & pay for a highly rated photographer without breaking the bank.

What makes photosesh stand out from all of the rest?

Simplicity: The whole process is streamlined and done right from a Free Mobile App. Affordability: By filling up gaps in photographers’ schedules, we’re able to offer highly rated talent at substantial discounts.

Be sure to stop by their booth to register a valid email or downloads our app, they will obtain a promo code for PhotoSesh credits.

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