Meet the Vendors: Platinum Drive Realty

At Platinum Drive, we pride ourselves in making real estate an enjoyable,
 rewarding and first rate experience
. We bring passion and profession
alism to each and every transactio
n, which has enabled us to achieve outstandin
g results for our clients.

Why do parents love Platinum Drive Realty?

Platinum Drive Realty provides unparalleled service extending beyond unlocking doors… We work alongside buyers to identify the communities that best align with their expressed needs and provide the inside perspective on moving to the suburbs. When working with Platinum Drive, finding a home is only the beginning. Our extensive network and local expertise facilitates the transition from city-living to your new life in the suburbs.

What makes Platinum Drive Realty stand out from all of the rest?

Most of our agents live in the towns we cover and many grew up here too! For new buyers interested in exploring a move to the suburbs, this first-hand knowledge is incredibly valuable. Through our Complimentary Luxury Tours of the Suburbs, local experts guide new buyers around the areas of their choice and provide an informative and fun suburban experience. Our innovative approach to suburban real estate has helped Platinum Drive Realty become one of the area’s leading Real Estate firms.


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