Meet the Vendors: Spoonfed

Spoonfed was founded on the simple belief that kids should eat good food. Organic? Definitely. Nutritious? Absolutely. But most important, FRESH! And while babies and kids were the reason it all began, adults soon joined the movement. Now Spoonfed offers fresh, organic, food for everyone!

What can parents expect to see at the Biggest Baby Shower?

Parents will see and taste fresh, organic baby food and snacks in a CLEAR pouch!! They will meet the founders of Spoonfed and be among the first to see these amazing new products in the baby food industry.

Why do parents love Spoonfed?

Parents are loving Spoonfed because our baby food is made fresh! Nothing artificial is added and our products are not heat treated to sit on a shelf. They go right into the fridge or freezer so the food maintains its flavor, color, and nutritional value. Did we mention our food comes in a CLEAR pouch!! So parents can see what they are feeding themselves and their little ones. Brilliant!

What makes spoonfed stand out from all of the rest?

2 words: FRESH CLEAR Our purees and yogurts are made FRESH. They don’t sit on a shelf but rather go into the fridge or freezer. Our pouches are CLEAR. Finally a package where parents can see what they are feeding their little ones and themselves.


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