Meet the Vendors: Swanling

At Swanling Innovations, our innovative Slumber Sleeper™ provides that same kind of security for babies. The Slumber Sleeper™ creates a loving cozy environment that is both soothing and comforting to babies helping lull them to sleep and feel held and secure through the night.

What can parents expect to see at the Biggest Baby Shower?

Parents can see our modern, innovative, and safe sleep solutions for kids up close and see how our Slumber Sleeper works to comfort and aid children to sleep longer.

Why do parents love swanling

With Swanling products, parents are helping their children establish sleeping patterns that can last a life time and only contribute to the health and happiness of their family.

What makes swanling stand out from all of the rest?

The Slumber Sleeper, with its built in stretch fabric, regulates babies rolling so that they do not get stuck on their stomach in the nighttime. It has a BUILT IN washable and long wearing waterproof lining. The Slumber Sleeper is one of the only products on the market that adheres to the strict AAP sleep guidelines for safe sleep.



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