Meet the Vendors: The Video Mom

Want to help keep those memories lasting forever? The Video Moms helps you become the keeper of your family’s memories.  She offers shooting and editing workshops, online video tutorials, monthly inspirational projects and archive parties, so you and your friends can get together and organize all your files. She also teaches private workshops, which are great for Mommy and Me groups or baby showers.

What can parents expect to see at the Biggest Baby Shower?

I’ll be playing a video presentation that explains my services (no audio) and showing sample videos that I’ve created for my family and for other families at my watching station (with headphones.) I’ll also be demo-ing a few cell phone shooting tips for parents!

Why do parents love your service?

Parents love my service because I help them get a handle on the anxiety of the new media age — where we’re flooded with photos and video but never get a chance to enjoy them. I help parents create lasting works that allow them to relive all the most precious moments as their kids grow up.

What makes your services stand out from all of the rest?

There is no one who is offering their video production expertise to parents in the way that I am. There are several production companies who are producing high end videos FOR families, but these are quite expensive, and often, the filmmakers charge extra to incorporate your home videos. I want to empower and inspire parents to do it for themselves. To make beautiful home videos at a price point they can afford.

Will you be offering any deals/discounts at the event that you would like to make the attendees aware of?

Yes. 15% off Father’s Day packages with coupon code


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