Risa Barash: 6.12.16


Risa Barash Fairy Tales Hair Care


owner and founder at fairy tales hair care






BCM: If you could describe motherhood in one word, what would it be?

RB: A comedy of errors comes to mind first, but one word? Inspiring.

BCM: What’s one moment in your motherhood journey that has made you proud?

RB: One of my favorite moments was years ago when my daughter Ava was about 4 or 5 and she was telling me we needed to make a Fairy Tales commercial to air during Dora the Explorer. After some careful consideration, she reminded me to make sure we put the phone number in the commercial so people would know where to place their product order.

Another favorite moment was when we watched our son Jack at age 9 get on the bus by himself to go to sleepaway camp for 7 weeks. He was smiling and waving as I tried chasing down the bus to get him back, blinded by tears.

BCM: What is one piece of advice you want to pass along to your children? 

RB:  Trust your first instinct – it’s usually right!

BCM: Congratulations on the success of Fairy Tales Hair Care. Tell us what inspired you to start the company?

RB: Thank you! I wish it was as simple as my kids had lice one day! Our family owns a kids salon in New York and the shampoo was developed at that salon. My soon-to-be husband (at the time) had enough of my former career as a standup comic and told me to put my energies into building a brand for the product. It was a challenge I couldn’t resist. He neglected to tell me that a professional children’s line had never really succeeded… I married him anyway.


BCM: What’s the best advice you have to a parent who has just discovered their child has lice?

RB: Pour yourself a large, stiff drink. Wine, tequila whatever works for you. Take a deep breath; get a good movie for your child to watch and use the Fairy Tales Lice Good-Bye Kit. It has everything a parent needs to remove lice naturally, quickly and effectively. Full disclosure: Kit does not contain wine or movie.

BCM: Are there any tips that you have for parents that can help prevent their children from getting lice?

RB: Always use Rosemary Repel hair care products! Our natural blend of tea tree, citronella, rosemary, lavender and peppermint oils are infused with an amazing formula to help clean, condition, and detangle – lice prevention is the bonus. Of all my products, this is the one I use the most! We also advocate that parents to teach their kids not to share hats, beanies and brushes. The more they know, the safer they are!

BCM: What is one piece of advice you would pass along to other moms?

RB:  Eat dinner together as a family and unplug! Talking to each other shouldn’t be a novelty.

Risa Barash Fairy Tales Hair Care


BCM: How do you tackle work/life balance?

RB: I don’t. I stink at it and I will tell anyone who will listen! I just try to do my best every day. Some days things go well and sometimes they don’t. Life is a give and take so you just gotta go with it!A perfect example happened just the other day when I left work early to go to my daughter’s softball practice. She didn’t know I was there and she didn’t recognize the strange lady lurking behind the fence. After the “bad mommy” feeling died down, I took her heavy backpack and we walked home together laughing and chatting the entire way.

BCM: What is your favorite thing to do to relax and unwind?

RB: Getting into my fav PJs with a good book or shoe shopping.                              

BCM: If you could hand off one chore to someone else each day, what would it be?

RB:  Making dinner – by that time in the day I can’t really make any more decisions and ordering in is just so easy.

BCM: What is the best white lie that you’ve told your child?

RB: I don’t care what the grade is; I just want you to enjoy learning.




Rosemary Repel Crème Conditioner and Armani CC creme


Favorite is a stretch but kickboxing is kind of fun.




Snapchat! It is the most fabulous waste of time.

What is on your DVR? 

The Goldbergs – Beverly is my role model. Stephen Colbert – I get my news from him and the Housewives of Beverly Hills (I’m not proud).