Safety 1st Ultramax Air 360 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

Protecting your baby while on road trips is of utmost importance. Rather than purchasing a car seat for every stage from baby into childhood, get one car seat that will that them through all different stages of development.  The Safety 1st UltraMax Air 360 is the only 4-in-1 car seat that features 360 Protect™ for 6 layers of proven safety.

The UltraMax Air 360 can fit a child from 4-120lbs. The pads easily come off and are machine washable. 

safety 1st

The enhanced features provide exceptional protection while on the road with 6 layers of safety. The Air Protect® cushioning system provides immediate crash protection with the most advanced side impact energy management system available. GCell HX™ further displaces crash energy around the child’s torso. The steel reinforced frame adds stability to the seat. A deep seat structure helps shield your child, keeping your little one cozy and contained. Soft foam, used throughout the seat makes a comfortable first contact in every touchable location. The motion control headrest contains movement and easily adjusts to 10 different heights, ensuring that you can give your child the best fit for the best protection as they grow.


safety 1st ultramax


The Safety 1st UltraMax Air 360 is availablet at Babies R Us for  $259.99 


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