Free Breast Pump? Yes, Please!

Did you know mothers are entitled to one free double electric breast pump per pregnancy? You don’t even have to jump through hoops to get it. Here’s how.

Dad, I Finally Get the Whole Father’s Day Thing

Growing up, I was glad Dad had a job so that we could have a home to live in and clothes to wear, and knew how to fix things that I broke. But until now, I never really “got” the whole Father’s Day thing.

Skinny Moms Struggle with Body Image, Too

While others deal with insecurity of their weight gain, I deal with the insecurity of being too skinny. Looking sickly– or even as if I have an eating disorder– makes me just as self-conscious as those who struggle with extra pounds.

Raising STRONG Babies – Inside and Out!

As a pediatrician, I know that establishing strength very early on in life is a huge part of disease prevention. Here are my ideas on how we raise strong babies – both inside and out.

Share Your #Mamalogues moments

Philips Avent teamed up with SoulPancake to create this video that hinges on celebrating mom and baby’s special dialogue, and they’re asking moms to tell their own mamalogues – sharing stories about the magic moments between mom and baby that were made possible thanks to her instincts and special intuition.

An Ode to My Wife for Mother’s Day

She’s there for the field trips, the talent shows, the dentist appointments, and the play dates. And that, for us, is worth more than any paycheck.

Summer Carpool Must-Haves

To help parents successfully navigate a safe and organized carpool route, we pulled together the top must-have carpool products from diono and enlisted tips from Allana Pinkerton, Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician and diono’s Global Safety Advocate, to help quell any anxieties for your next ride.