The 4 Worst Parts of Being a Work-From-Home Parent

There are some disadvantages to being a work-from-home parent that you might not realize. If you’ve ever thought of working from home with your kids, let me tell you, it might not be how you’ve imagined it.

Why You Should Belly Bind After Birth

Belly binding can help bring our muscles and connective tissues back together as our organs move back into place, as well as providing several other benefits in the early postpartum phase.

My Only “Resolution” For the New Year Is To Survive

I see everyone and their sister fired up on Instagram, doing all the goals and resolutions and “fresh starts,” while I’m sitting here, still in my jammies, with yet another kid who was up all night puking, feeling more behind on life than ever.

Why I Ignore the Miscarriage Stigma

I was shocked, disappointed, and sad that the baby we’d envisioned wouldn’t be arriving. But I also suffered another loss— that of my credibility.

A Brooklyn Renovation Makes Way for Baby

After posting their project on Sweeten, a free service matching homeowners to vetted general contractors, Amber and Chris went full steam ahead with their innovative design for their kitchen and new kids’ room.

Summer Tips for Work-at-Home Moms

I love being home with my kids. When they started school I wasn’t ready to give up being available to them whenever they might need me, so I started working as a freelance writer. I’ve been able to create a pretty balanced life of working from home while they’re at school, and being fully present … Continued