5 Reasons Halloween is the Worst

It’s not enough that I vehemently despise Halloween – now I HAVE to let my kids dress up and ask strangers for candy or else I’m a terrible mom?

I’m Done Buying All Organic Food and I Don’t Even Feel Bad

After my first son was born I’d go to the farmers’ market and grab homegrown, organic fruits and vegetables to make my own baby food. It was such a huge pain in the neck, but the alternative was poisoning my offspring, which was obviously a terrible choice.

Did I Enjoy My Kids Enough Before They Went Back To School?

How often did I lose my patience, forgetting that she needed me to be steadfast and reliable? How many times had I responded sharply or carelessly instead of making her feel heard and loved? Had I been a good mom more often than not?

My 5-Step Summer Survival Guide

The prospect of having four kids home with me, keeping up all my work hours, and facing the inevitable long, deathly hot days with kids who no longer nap is like something out of a nightmare. Here’s what I’m doing to survive.